Hello! My name is Meghann Stelzner, and I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer specializing in visual communication. Meghann Alexandra Designs is my studio, a portal to take you behind-the-scenes of my creative process. It is one of mixed media and variety. Majoring in journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, on paper I have an atypical academic background for an artist. However, I like to view it as my best strength. As a journalist, not only do I have the skills to observe and report in any type of field, but I can also strategically communicate through creative concept. With an innate love and talent for the arts, it only follows suit that I specialize in visual language.

Like any piece deriving from graphic design, the heart of my creative process begins with communication, builds on my illustrative skills and finally translates and develops digitally. This includes everything from visual branding with logo, typography, iconography, layout and website design to art direction. I have professional backgrounds at SELF magazine, Chicago Sun Times-SPLASH, a lifestyle, fashion and events magazine, and Dana Rebecca Designs, a prestigious jewelry designer in Chicago. Additionally, I studied abroad in London where I was immersed in a foreign culture and art. I am fueled by learning, and even though I am still developing my voice as a designer, I am hard-working and thoughtful. It is not enough for my work to "look good," but it must drive action and display passion. 

Interested in getting in touch with me for some freelance design work? Send me a message through my "contact" navigation button!